Werner Stocker
Finne 40
FL-9496 Balzers
Phone: +41 78 935 5348
Mail: werner.stocker@libersec.li

Trade License Liechtenstein: 109729


Data Privacy (Version of June 26th 2022)

Trust is important, especially when your data is affected. So we see it as our duty, not only to collect absolutely necessary person based data, but also to maintain it with the required diligence and protect it against misuse.

Name and Contact of the Responsible Person

Werner Stocker
Finne 40
FL-9496 Balzers
Telefon: +41 78 935 5348
Webseite: libersec.li.li

Please reach out to Mr. Werner Stocker by the above address or via werner.stocker@libersec.li in case you have questions regarding our data processing or if you should have the oppinion, that the processing of your person based data by liberSEC violates data safety regularoties.

This privacy policy applies (A.) for the web presence liberSEC and also for the collected person based data of this website as well (B.) for the general data processing by libersec.li. The privacy policies of other Internet websites and providers apply e.g. for referenced links.

A. Data Processing on Our Website

Categories of Collected Person Based Data

Our system collects automatically data and information from the accessing computer system with every request on our website. The following data is hereby collected

  • Complete IP address of the accessing computer;
  • Date and time of the access;
  • Internet sites from which the system of the user startet to access our Internet site;
  • Name of the requested file;
  • Access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.)
  • Transferred amount of data

Intended Purpose

The gathered person based data on our website is limited to that data, which the providing of a functional internet site as well as user friendly content and services require. Person based data is solely collected for internal administration und operation purposes (e.g. safeguard stability and operational security of the systems).

Legal Base

The processing of person based data in conjunction with our Internet site is based on article 6 paragraph 1 GDPR as of our justified interest, as e.g. for safeguarding stability and operational security of the systems (attribute f).

Data Retention Period

The data rentention period of person based date on our Internet site as well as for file transfers is one year plus the current year. Filing of this information is done based on data safety, especially to block attacks on our webservers as well as to safeguard the stability and the operational security of our systems.

Web-Analyse-Tools awstats

We analyse the useage of our Internet websites with the web analysis tool awstats to statistically interprete user accesses. The supplier is Laurent Destailleur (http://www.awstats.org/). This is only used to optimize the website in regards of user friendlyness and to supply usefull information about our services. Awstats stores the same data, which is also conainted in the log files and displays these in a different form. No merging of this data with other person based data sources or no transferring of person data to third parties is done.


We use Cookies on our website to make our offering more user freindly. Cookies are small files which are created automatically by your browser and which are stored on your device (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc) whenever you visit our website. The cookies stay permanently there until you delete them. It is to recognize your browser for the next visit.

If you don't want this, please configure your browser to ask for cookies being set so you can make a decision for every single case. We want to point out that a deactivation can lead to limited functionality on this website.

File Downloads

We are not demanding for personal data when downloading fies from our Internet site.


This service is operated in the private housholds on the private servers of the owner on libersec.li in Liechtenstein and Ireland:

  • Data processing: Finne 40, FL-9496 Balzers
  • Data backup only: Rehy East, Cross, Carrigaholt Co Clare, V15 N521, Irland

B. General Data Processing by liberSEC

Categories of Collected Person Based Data

liberSEC collects the following data:

  • Name and contact address as e.g. salutation, first name, surname, address, e-mail address, phone number;
  • further person based data required for single projects, requests, complaints, statements, etc. in conjunction with the corresponding issue of the correspondence

Intended Purpose

The collection of this data is done as required,

  • for your identification;
  • for the correspondence with you
  • to process your projects, requests, complaints, statements, etc.;
  • for internal administration useages (e.g. required legal filing or to file project information as a record of achievement).

Legal Base

Your person based data are processed on our side based on:

  • Article 6, paragraph 1 a GDPR (acceptance)
  • Article 6, paragraph 1 c GDPR (legel required filing as of liechtenstein law PGR)
  • Article 6, paragraph 1 f GDPR (justified interestes of the responsible e.g. for project documentation, performing and defending legal rights).

Recepients or Categories of Recipients of Person Based Data

Your person based data is transfered to:

  • project members in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Ireland (correspondence);
  • natural or legal persons in relation with projects, requests, complaints, statements depending on the circumstances.

Your data is deleted immediately afterwards.

Transferring of Person Based Data Into a Third Party Country

There is no person based data transferred to recipients in a third party country.

Data Retention Period

Your gathered data is stored by liberSEC as long, as it is needed to fulfill the above mentioned purpose of liberSEC. On top of it data is stored on our side only for

  • fulfilling the legal filing requirements as of the liechtenstein law PGR (10 years) when required;
  • our justified intereset when required (e.g. for project documentation (after the end of the project during 10 years plus the current year), performing and defending legal rights (applicable limitation period)).

C. Data Safety


We use an encrypted data communication on the base of SSL/TLS in conjunction with the highest possible encryption level supported by your browser when visiting this website. You can recognize enrypted single sites of our Internet presence with the lock symbol in the URL bar of your browser.

General Data Processing

We use on top of it general fit for purpose technical and organizational security measores for data processing to protect your data against random or at will manipulation, partial or complete loss, destruction or unauthorized access of third parties. Our security measuares are state of the art.

D. Your Rights

Legal Rights of Affected Persons

These are your legal rights based on the EU GDPR:

  1. to get information about the processed person based data as well as the categories, the intended purpose, the categories of recipients to where your data is disclosed, the intention to transfer data to a third party country or an international organization including corresponding guarantees, the intended data retention, the availability of a right to view, erase, limit of processoring or objection, the possibility of a right to complain, the source of your data if it is not collected by us, as well as an automated decision making incl. profiling;
  2. to get correction, enhancement or erasing of your person based data which is false or non-legally processed;
  3. to request from us to limit the data processing of your person based data;
  4. in certain circumstances to withdraw the processing of your person based data or to withdraw the the previously given data processing authorization;
  5. to receivye your person based data in a structures, common and machine readable format or to request to transfer it to another responsible;
  6. to raise a complaint to the responsble data privacy regulatory body.

Right to Know

Every person has the right to know of about the person stored data. Such a right to know (DSAR) has to be raised aigainst the data privacy officer of liberSEC. The processing is done normally within 30 days and the information is then provided in an electronic and encrypted form. Physical copies and handing over of storage media will be charged based on effort. The requesting person will be informed in written if the right to know should be processed longer or delivered in partial deliveres.

Right to forget

Every person ahs the right to have the stored date partially or enterily erased. Such an erasing request has to be raised to the data privacy officer of liberSEC. such an erasing can only be processed if no legal or regulatory requirements forbid it. Alldata is additionally exempt, if the erasing will prohibit the correct function of the provided services of liberSEC. Thase are especially:

  • Backups
  • Log files
  • E-mails with several recipients

Withdrawal of the Authorization

You can withdraw your data processing authorization anytime. The legal justification to process data from the start of the authorization until the withdrawal is not touched by this withdrawal.

Revocation of Artictle 6 Paragraph 1 f GDPR Useage

You have the right to object the data processing as of article 21 GDPR when having reason for a special situation, if your person based data is processed based on justified interesets as of article 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 literal f GDPR.

Please write an e-mail to werner.stocker@libersec.li or contact us with the above mentioned address, if you want to make use of your legal rights